If you are searching for medium priced branded handbags for reselling then “Guess” is the best pick for you. Buying Guess handbags in wholesale and selling them in retail can make you a lot of money. It is comparatively easy to sell Guess handbags more than any other branded handbags. Simply because there is no brand that offers a handbag for €100.00. So you can get maximum sales on Guess handbags. Maximum sales mean maximum profits!

Why Choose Guess Handbags?

In recent times, Guess handbags has become a symbol of luxury lifestyle. People are just going crazy after their trendy handbags. There are many reasons for the popularity of Guess handbags. One of them is the quality that is extremely good. Another is the quality justified price that is also very reasonable. Guess offers a great range of handbags for their customers. The best part about them is that you can buy one at price as low as €95.00.

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Is Reselling Of Guess Purses Really Profitable?

You might have questions regarding the profitability of reselling Guess handbags. Well, reselling of them is quite profitable. If you buy them in bulk at wholesale price then you can sell them in retail at high-profit margins. The selling strategy for you as a retailer is to sell as many handbags. Even if you lower your profits and sell in quantity, you will generate great revenue.

guess wholesale handbags

Top Profitable Guess Handbags For Reselling:

Determining what product to sell is always a tough question. Especially, when it comes to profit making. You might have that question as well like which Guess handbags are most profitable for reselling. We got the answer for you! You can choose from our list given below:

wholesale guess purses

  • Guess Open Road Blush Tote.
  • Guess Vikky Logo Print Tote.
  • Guess Robyn Saffiano Look Shoulder Bag.
  • Guess Robyn Black Girlfriend Satchel.
  • Guess Open Road 4 G Logo Crossbody.
  • Guess Bluebelle 4G Logo Handbag.
  • Guess Camila Black Tote.
  • Guess Kamryn Multi Tote.
  • Guess Vikky Taupe Tote.
  • Guess Analise Red Satchel.
  • Guess Analise Multi Crossbody.

Where To Get These Guess Handbags At Wholesale?

You can buy the Guess handbags at wholesale online easily. There are many sellers who sell them in bulk at wholesale price. But there is an issue that you might face. It is that you are not sure whether they are selling the original branded handbags or the replica of them. Since you will be dealing with them online you need to be sure that you are buying the genuine ones.

For this reason, you need a wholesaler you is a trusted one. We suggest you wholesale-bag.com. The biggest reason why we are suggesting is that they only sell genuine branded handbags. So you will have the surety that you bought the authentic handbags from them. Furthermore, their wholesale price is also quite reasonable. So you can trust them completely.


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