The ol’ times of Purple and Gold during the Southern California Sportscasters Association

During the Southern California Sportscasters Association luncheon last week at Lakeside greens at Toluca Lake, we went into Tommy Hawkins, a long-time neighborhood broadcaster whom additionally struggled to obtain years in community affairs because of the l . a . Dodgers.

“I broke Doug in,” he told Lisa Bowman, a previous broadcaster by herself.

“You did?” she reacted.

“Just ask him,” responded Hawkins.

We nodded with an amused smiled.

“How’d you break him in?” Bowman wondered.

“Introduced him around. . . revealed him the ropes,” related Hawkins. “Assured him that Wilt (Chamberlain) wouldn’t bite their mind off. . .”

We nodded once again, and started taking into consideration the 1968-69 NBA season for which I happened to be a wide-eyed, naive, energetic, young reporter assigned to cover a Laker group that do not only had Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and Jerry West, but less popular players like Mel Counts, Johnny Egan, Keith Erickson, Billy Hewitt, Freddie Crawford and, needless to say, Tommy Hawkins.

At that time, Hawkins had been a 32-year-old, 6-foot-5 book ahead away from Notre Dame inside the tenth period within the NBA, also it would become their final one.

For a great percentage of the standard period, I happened to be truly the only journalist vacationing utilizing the 11-man Laker group, and became type of its de facto 12th guy.

Really, by mid-season I happened to be addressed as such because of the players, and would play cards using them when on the road and would ride the bus with them to the arenas with them during the plane trips and be invited to have dinner.

Tommy Hawkins certainly ended up being quite accommodating, as were the Laker broadcasters, Chick Hearn and Rod that is hot Hundley an inveterate skirt-chaser on a group filled with such kinds.

Blessedly, I became in a position to keep a relationship that is affable the volatile Chamberlain after a fairly erratic come from that he took exclusion to one thing I experienced written about him within the L.A. Herald Examiner.

“Wilt Chamberlain was the tallest spectator in the Forum yesterday evening,” is the way in which we exposed among the my tales in evaluating Chamberlain’s listless work throughout a Laker loss.

Well, a short time later on, he came across me personally within the hallway associated with the Forum workplaces, looked down threateningly at me personally and said, “Who in the (bleep) can you think you are composing that (bleep)?”

With all the disdain that is brazen of, we pointed to my chin and said challengingly to him, ‘Go ahead, Wilt, hit me personally. I’m broke. I would like the amount of money.”

Wilt Chamberlain regarded me personally having a look that is curious shook their mind, also handled a weak look, and strolled away.

He’d be certainly one of my closest buddies from the group from then on event, and I also can’t keep in mind what amount of times that period therefore the next when we’d rent cars and drive around towns like Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Milwaukee and Boston watching the feminine scenery.

The mentor of the Laker group had been Butch van Breda Kolff, in which he and I also had a strained relationship through that season as a result of my close friendship with Chamberlain, as did VBK and Chamberlain.

We took Chamberlain’s part on a few passionate disagreements he had with van Breda Kolff that We made general general public, and Frank Deford also composed in a Sports Illustrated article that the Herald Examiner had been Chamberlain’s paper together with L.A. occasions ended up being VBK’s, that was accurate.

Nevertheless, despite our differences, van Breda Kolff never ever snubbed me personally, also welcoming us to have Thanksgiving supper because of the united group in Philadelphia.

It abthereforelutely was so various in those full times for the newspaperman than it’s now.

The Lakers now have actually their plane that is own authors aren’t permitted to travel upon it.

Nor perform some article writers now continue the united group coach into the arena, when I routinely did.

Nor do they drive the trains, when I did because of the group from ny to Baltimore to Boston using one journey.

Nor do they get back utilizing the group after games to your resort, when I constantly did.

I’d scurry up to my space, lb out my tale on a typewriter, then get a cab to your nearest Western Union workplace, where somebody would telex it back again to my L.A. workplace.

Chick Hearn constantly kept everyone loose with his sarcastic one-liners, and I also usually had been the receiver of these, as had been the dour Laker trainer, Frank O’Neil.

We played plenty of gin rummy games that season with Rod Hundley and Elgin Baylor, who had been a card that is skilled and whom additionally been certainly one of my senior high school athletic idols.

As he has become, Baylor had been standoffish and guarded, but had a feeling of humor he usually kept concealed, while Jerry western had been an affable chatterbox albeit almost all of his chatter never ever caused it to be into the sporting pages.

Chamberlain had been a loner whom went his or her own means off court, and I also can’t let you know exactly how many very very very early evening telephone calls on off times we received from Chamberlain inviting me to have supper with him, that I constantly easily accepted.

Chamberlain gained extensive notoriety later on inside the life when he stated in a guide us who knew him well and knew his proclivity for monumental exaggeration that he had sex with 20,000 women, a claim which inspired laughter from those of.

It had been a great, giddy time because i’m not Jose Canseco and betray juicy tidbits that weren’t intended for public exposure for me, and there are countless stories I can tell but won’t.

The group would win 55 regular period games, plus it needs to have won the NBA name.

Bill Russell would walk from the Forum flooring for the last time on might 5, 1969, as he would lead the Boston Celtics up to a 108-106 make an impression on the Lakers in Game 7, yet again obtaining the better of Chamberlain, also Baylor and western.

Jerry West wept afterward, and, sheepishly, i need to admit i did so for a minute, too, a new reporter caught up into the feeling of a dark minute of a group with that we had become therefore closely aligned.

Jack Kent Cooke, the Laker owner, would fire Bill van Breda Kolff a couple of days later on, and Joe Mullaney is the coach the season that is next we yet again chronicled the group.

The 1969-70 Lakers additionally would lose into the NBA finals in a casino game 7 towards the ny Knicks.

But no rips arrived on the scene of my eyes following the setback.

The happy purity that suffused my soul through the past period had disappeared forever.


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